We'll help you work through 10 key questions to assist you in achieving financial freedom:

When and how will you retire?

When should you and your spouse start Social Security?

How can you use savings to build a retirement income portfolio?

What Medicare choice should you make?

Do you need to reduce living expenses, and how?

Should you deploy home equity to generate income?

How can you protect against long-term care expenses?

How can you protect yourself against financial fraud?

How can your spouse be protected when you're gone?

Do you want to plan for a financial legacy?

This goal-based financial security planning approach is designed to help you:

  • Define customized short- and long-term goals that assist you in choosing only the right financial products and services
  • Identify roadblocks or gaps that might impact your financial planning strategy
  • Continually monitor your plan to ensure it meets your changing needs

Contact us today to find out more about my financial planning process and learn how a sound financial plan can help you achieve your goals.